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Boosteroid cloud gaming is a European cloud gaming platform that allows gamers to play more than 500 games from remote servers. It offers a monthly subscription for EUR 9.89 or an annual subscription for EUR 4.16. Users can access remote gaming servers via a web browser. There are also Android and desktop apps in the works. Boosteroid is currently only available in Europe, but the company plans to deploy more servers until 2021.

Boosteroid’s cloud gaming platform

Boosteroid’s cloud gaming platform is a convenient way to play your favorite games on a variety of devices. Whether you’re on a desktop PC, smartphone, or Smart TV, Boosteroid lets you enjoy games at a high-quality 60 frames-per-second. The platform also provides adaptive bitrate technology for smooth gameplay and allows you to save custom saves on different devices. Boosteroid also provides 24/7 customer support.

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The cloud gaming platform allows gamers to access the latest high-end games on a variety of devices, with little to no latency and at an affordable price. In fact, Boosteroid has seen a five-fold growth in customer base since launching in 2019. Users are happy with the affordable and easy-to-use interface of Boosteroid’s service. Boosteroid’s platform works on all modern devices, requiring only a 14 Mbps Internet connection.

Boosteroid also offers 1080p 60FPS gaming on demand. It is available in several locations throughout Europe, including Romania, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The platform will be available globally by late 2020.

Boosteroid’s scalability

While building a global cloud gaming infrastructure, Boosteroid sought the best hardware available for its cloud gaming service. Intel and ASUS teamed up with the company to find a solution with scalability in mind. The two companies worked together to develop a system that is designed for high-volume, low-latency gaming. The resulting system features custom software tools for improved video and image quality.

Boosteroid’s servers are located in 11 data centers across Europe, which allow it to offer high-quality cloud gaming to users from nearby countries. The service also allows users to save their gaming sessions and move them from one device to another. The company also developed a dedicated Windows app in response to user requests. Many users prefer to play games from their home or office with a dedicated app.

Boosteroid’s cloud gaming platform is unique in the industry, enabling users to access games on high-performance, low-latency servers. They then receive an interactive video stream of gameplay via the Internet. In addition, customers do not need special software tools or hardware to play games with Boosteroid, and all of these features can be accessed with any browser or device.

Its performance

Boosteroid has developed a range of gaming apps for Android and Windows, as well as for Smart TVs. These will allow users to stream and play video games without the need for high-end PCs. The applications can be used on different launchers, and are compatible with most popular gamepads. In addition to this, Boosteroid is working with leading gaming publishers and developers to bring this technology to a wider audience.

The technology behind Boosteroid’s cloud gaming solution is continuously evolving, allowing it to offer customers the best possible experience. This includes low latency, high image quality, and a comprehensive list of supported devices. With the help of this technology, Boosteroid customers can play the most demanding games without the need to upgrade their PCs. It is also highly scalable, meaning Boosteroid can accommodate the growth of its customer base as well as the continued development of new games.

Boosteroid is one of the leading cloud gaming providers in Europe. Its platform uses video streaming technologies to launch streams from remote GPU servers. The company is based in Dubai, with offices across Europe and Asia. The company intends to quickly expand its cloud gaming services and to add several hundred servers to its data centers. It also plans to offer free-to-play models and virtual reality gaming.

Its library of games

Boosteroid offers 1080p 60FPS on demand gaming. It is focused on the European market, with its servers located in various European countries. It supports 15 European languages, including English, and has dedicated applications for Android, Windows, and Linux. Users can play games on the go with the help of dedicated apps.

Boosteroid has expanded its service in 2020, launching seven new locations in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain. The company is also planning to expand its presence in other regions throughout 2020. Boosteroid’s expansion plans are not limited to just Europe; it has locations throughout the United States.

Boosteroid has a large library of games, with hundreds of titles available. However, the company does not provide a library preview before signing up. It also does not allow its users to browse the library before signing up, but it offers a search bar for players to find what they are looking for. The platform supports 8 game stores, but does not support GOG.

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