Femtech Investor Nicole Junkermann Backs Elvie

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As an investor, Nicole Junkermann has put her money into a Femtech company called Elvie. The company provides innovative solutions to everyday women’s problems. Its product line includes the Elvie Trainer, an award-winning Kegel trainer, and the Elvie Pump, the world’s first silent wearable breast bump. In addition, Nicole has also invested in Elvie’s rival product, the Elvie Trainer Plus.


A new investment has helped Elvie continue its rapid growth in the US. With a series A round led by Octopus Ventures and additional investment from AllBright, the company plans to expand its reach to 25 countries and launch a second device before the end of the year. Co-founder and CEO Tania Boler says the new funding will be used to expand the company and its product line.

The two founders of the company, Tania Boler and Nicole Junkermann, are both female entrepreneurs. Nicole Junkermann was first introduced to the business world by her father, Heinz. Heinz relied heavily on Nicole as his Spanish translator, which required quick responses in a high-pressure environment. Junkermann credits her father with her success in entrepreneurship and investment. She was also an integral part of her father’s business.

Tania Boler

A new wave of entrepreneurs is taking the world by storm in femtech – women’s health technology. Tania Boler, a co-founder of Elvie, has already launched two ground-breaking products: an app-linked pelvic floor trainer and a new style of wearable breast pump. The Femtech market is growing so quickly that it’s becoming increasingly important for women to support it. NJF Capital, a venture capital firm with international ambitions, believes that the market is ripe for disruption. It targets more than 50% of the global population.

Tania Boler’s startup, Elvie, has helped thousands of women overcome many of life’s most common problems. The ElvieTrainer is an award-winning Kegel trainer that strengthens the pelvic floor, promoting faster recovery after childbirth. Elvie Pump, on the other hand, is a silent wearable breast pump that enables women to self-manage their own breasts.

Nicole Junkermann

A pioneer in the Femtech sector, Nicole Junkermann invested in Elvie, a health and lifestyle brand. Founded in 2013, Elvie designs smart technology for women with their experiences as women and engineers in mind. In just a few years, Elvie has already launched products such as the Trainer, Curve, Catch, and Pump. In addition to the Trainer, Elvie has also created an app-linked pelvic floor trainer and a wearable breast pump.

One of her investment targets is the Elvie Trainer, a biofeedback system for the pelvic floor, which helps women strengthen their pelvic muscles for improved pelvic control and stability. The Elvie Trainer uses a mobile application that allows women to perform five-minute training sessions using biofeedback in real time. Its app-based training system has received 42 million dollars in funding and Nicole Junkermann invested through NJF Capital.

Elvie pelvic floor trainer

The Elvie is a pelvic floor trainer that is connected to your mobile phone. It provides real-time biofeedback as you exercise your pelvic floor muscles. The Elvie also connects to your app, which shows the vertical position of the gem icon. The training session lasts about 5 minutes, and it consists of a series of exercises and basic games that require you to control your pelvic floor muscle.

The Elvie app helps you target problems with pushing down and encourages you to correct this. When you push down, you tend to over-tend your pelvic floor, resulting in hypertonicity. The Elvie app emphasizes lifting and relaxing your pelvic floor. This makes it easy to get the benefits of pelvic floor exercise without the embarrassment. It’s worth the price.

Elvie AI technology

Using AI to make women feel good is no longer an impossibility. The AI-powered Elvie breast pumps have already helped countless women improve their self-esteem and confidence. Elvie has developed two ground-breaking products, an app-linked pelvic floor trainer and a wearable breast pump. Founder and CEO Dr Tania Boler has a track record of redefining the world of women’s health products. She has been instrumental in developing groundbreaking products that use the latest smart technologies. Her company is supported by NJF Capital, a leading venture capital firm in the UK.

The Elvie wearable device is equipped with a series of force sensors, which measure pelvic floor muscle activity. An Elvie app can show you the vertical position of a gem icon and track your progress during an exercise. The training session will last about five minutes and include a series of exercises and basic games to help you improve your pelvic floor. With this feedback, Elvie can tailor its training to your individual needs and provide accurate guidance.

Elvie’s ambition to become the ‘Apple of women’s tech’

Since its launch in 2013, Elvie has successfully infiltrated the world of venture capitalists. Elvie recently announced its third private funding round, securing $42million in funding led by IPGL. The funding will help Elvie release four new women’s health products, including a breast pump and a pelvic floor trainer. The company’s first product, the silent wearable breast pump, is already a hit in London’s fashion week. The ambition of the company to become the ‘Apple of women’s tech’ is undoubtedly ambitious, especially as the industry is predicted to hit $50 billion by 2025.

Funding has been essential for Elvie’s continued growth and development. The startup raised PS5 million from Octopus Ventures and female-focused venture capital firm AllBright. The company has also received investments from iCAP’s Michael Spencer, Impact Ventures’ Nicole Junkermann, and Alexandra Chong of Lulu. With the money raised, Elvie plans to expand into another 25 countries and hire more staff. They also plan to launch a new femtech product that aims to disrupt the newborn market.

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