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If you’re looking for some great hacking movies, look no further than the list below. These movies feature computer hackers, cyber-terrorists, and more. If you’re looking to learn how to hack computers for fun, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our favorites. Watch these movies, and you’ll learn how to hack computers and computer networks in no time. We hope you enjoy! And remember, no hacking skills are necessary – just a little bit of technical knowledge can help!

The Matrix

The Matrix and hacking movies are two of the most influential films in cyberculture. The Matrix, which features a futuristic setting and elaborate hacking methods, has inspired many hackers. The first film, ‘The Matrix’, was released in 1999, and starred Neo (Mads Mikkelsen), a hacking expert with dreadlocks. The sequels to The Matrix have been hailed as even more influential, and have inspired many others to follow in their footsteps.

Another movie in the hacking genre, “Tron,” featured Kevin Flynn as a program whose mission is to hack into his old company’s mainframe system. But his efforts are foiled by a mainframe system, and other programmers cannot access it either. Flynn tries to get evidence of his former employer’s piracy, but is trapped within the system, which turns him into a program. Despite the nefarious plotline, the movie does not stray too far from reality.

Life Free or Die Hard

“Life Free or Die Hard” and “The Hunt for Red October” are hacking movies, and if you’re looking for the latest action movie, you’ve come to the right place. These movies are both about hacking and computer security, and both focus on the exploitation of people who are not computer savvy. Both films feature a young hacker who has the capability of becoming an intelligent hacker. In the former, the protagonist, Mai Linh, sends a malicious code to an intruder and receives $50,000 as compensation. But before they get the money, they are killed by computer explosives. Seven of the hackers were later discovered dead.

Live Free or Die Hard are hacking movies about cyber-terrorists who try to break into commercial and government computers in order to conduct a fire sale of financial assets. The franchise is based on the Wired Magazine article by John Carlin that depicts how plausible it is to hack into systems. After all, world infrastructure depends on technology, so the storyline is believable. Nonetheless, the movies are not terribly realistic, and they could have avoided some of the more edgy language and overindulgent violence.


For anyone who has ever been fascinated with computers, hacking movies are a great way to learn more about the technology involved in these crimes. Hackers is an excellent example of this genre of movie, and it has received a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In this movie, a group of high school hackers navigate through an unintentional corporate extortion conspiracy. The plot of this movie makes it an excellent option for anyone who is interested in hacking, whether it be for personal gain or for business.

In the original Tron, the main character, Kevin Flynn, a software engineer, is trying to prove that his former boss stole his game designs. To do this, he attempts to break into the company’s network, where he is greeted by a laser beam. As he tries to deactivate the evil Master Control Program, Flynn is suddenly thrust into the world of computers. In the sequel, he fights to stay alive in the digital world while trying to stop the evil Master Control Program.

The Italian Job

A hacking movie is nothing without its plot. Hacking city transportation systems to create traffic jams and escape routes is now standard movie fare. Perhaps the idea originated with 1969 British film The Italian Job, which has since inspired many imitations. In fact, there have been two remakes of The Italian Job. While it’s easy to assume that the original movie was the inspiration for this genre, it’s more likely that these movies took their cues from real-world hacking activities.

The Italian Job is a great example of a hacking movie. It features the former team of a thief seeking revenge. The actors playing the team include Kevin David Mitnick, Laurence Fishburne, and Seth Green. The movie depicts the rise and fall of a computer hacker in the 1980s. He eventually served two years in prison for his crimes, and today he is a high-paid IT security consultant.


When hacking is on your mind, you can’t miss a film like Takedown. Based on a true story, this hacking thriller is packed with themes like cybertrophies, rivalry, police investigation, and criminal heroes. This movie is slick, funny, and offers a realistic background to the world of hacking. You can also expect lots of action and thrills as you watch this movie. You’ll be in stitches by the end of the movie!

If you’re a hacker, you know how important the proper name is to hackers. Don’t call the sequel Men In Black, and always call it Takedown. You can’t have one Hackers movie without another, so make sure to stick with that. That way, you’ll know you’re not watching a rip-off of a movie classic. It’s also easier to identify hacker movies.

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