How to Find Out More About Brian Illig

If you want to find out more about Brian Illig, you can search public records. This will give you information like Brian’s current and previous addresses, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and known relatives. You can also narrow down your search by state or age. You can also find out if Brian has any known children or relatives.

Cliff Illig

The Illig brothers are KU alums and have visited campus several times. They are huge sports fans, having gone to KU football games, and hunting. Also own a box at KU football games. They have children who have graduated from KU and are dating MU grads.

Cliff Illig’s black Escalade is parked outside. He frequently visits the same steakhouse. He also knows the name of the waitress’s husband and puppy. He’s a self-made billionaire, but he’s never let his wealth get in the way of his passion.

Cliff Illig is the principle investor of OnGoal, LLC, a group of successful Kansas City entrepreneurs. OnGoal purchased the Kansas City Wizards from Hunt Sports Group in 2006. Cliff Illig’s entrepreneurial spirit has extended to a number of other areas, including stadium concessions and foam manufacturing. He even nearly bought a team in England’s Premier League. In addition to sports, Cliff Illig is involved in many nonprofit organizations and early stage businesses.

Cliff Illig, Brian Illig and Mike Illig are interested in expanding the MLS. They plan to build a hotel near Children’s Mercy Park, a soccer and Western theme park. Their group also controls 30 fields in the Kansas City area. These are all signs of the future growth of the city and more reasons to spend money in the area.

Cliff Illig is a co-founder of Cerner and the vice chairman of its board of directors. He founded the company in 1979 with Paul Gorup and Neal Patterson. Has served on the Cerner board since 1980 and as vice chairman since March 1999. He previously served as the company’s president and COO.

Cliff Illig is the son of a successful area entrepreneur and is a highly influential man in the region. He wants to rebuild Kansas City’s image and is one of the most prolific venture capitalists in the region. His investments have totaled $250 million. He has also artificially inseminated a cow.

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