How to Make Zerkoon Pathar at Home

Zerkoon pathar is a traditional dish that combines two main ingredients: rice and lentils. Served with rice, it is popular in Pakistan. This dish has a spicy and sour taste. It is served at the dinner table and is accompanied by a saffron chai. Here’s how to make it at home. Read on for more information! If you want to know how to make this delicious dish, keep reading!

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The word zarkoon means “frog” in Urdu. It is pronounced “zrk-oon-tee” and has an extremely pleasant, spicy taste. The phrase is often used in conversation with friends, especially in Punjabi households. It has many different meanings depending on the dialect, and can also be used to describe any animal. This recipe is very popular in India, and is often used as a snack food.

The word “patthar” translates to “rock”. Other possible meanings are Careen, Shake, Stone, and Sway. The Urdu equivalent is pthr. This recipe is delicious and can help you get in shape before your big day! Here are some of the most popular recipes using zarkoon pathar. These are a few of our favorites! But what about the ingredients in zarkoon pathar?

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