James Assali – Wanted For Operating a Rate-Lock Loan Modification Scheme

When you think of the word “entrepreneur,” you don’t usually picture someone indicted on a list of felonies. Yet, James Assali has made quite the comeback since his arrest. After being charged with 27 felonies for soliciting home loan ratelock and modification services, he’s once again found his entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, Assali is credited with helping thousands of homeowners secure lower mortgage rates and keep their homes.

James Toufic Assali is charged with 27 felonies

James Toufic Assali is wanted for operating a rate-lock loan modification scheme. The alleged crimes were committed through the operations of his two firms – Meredian Financial Corporation and Fortis Title Solutions – which operated out of Costa Mesa. Assali faces up to 23 years in state prison. Assali has already been charged with several felonies. However, he is still at large.

Police believe that the accused is operating out of California and Vermont, but suspect Assali may still be in the country. The Costa Mesa mortgage refinance firm is owned by Assali, and the escrow company was in Florida. According to authorities, Assali is accused of soliciting victims from out-of-state to use his services in home loan rate-lock or modification schemes. According to the lawsuit, he charged victims up to $10,000 for his services, claiming he would refund their fees at the close of escrow. However, Assali was not successful in the home loan modifications and the victims received no refunds.

He is accused of soliciting home loan ratelock and modification services for a fee

A California man is facing charges for allegedly soliciting home loan ratelock and modification services. James Toufic Assali, 36, is the owner of two companies – Meredian Financial Corporation and Fortis Title Solutions – based in Costa Mesa, California. He is wanted by law enforcement for operating a scheme that preyed on victims in California and other states. He is accused of charging victims up to $10,000 for supposedly beneficial home loan ratelock and modification services. Despite promising refunds at the close of escrow, he failed to complete most of the home loan modifications.

He has regained his entrepreneurial spirit

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