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Italians are known for their intense devotion to their mothers. It is not uncommon for them to live at home with their mothers until their late 30s or even later. A hardcore mammoni italian may even sue their parents if they move out. Nevertheless, they still enjoy the benefits of having their mother around.


Mammone in Italian is a common word that has a unique pronunciation in Italian. It is pronounced “ma-m-one.” It is also available in IPA and AFI formats, but only if you speak Italian. To learn how to pronounce mammone in Italian, you can use Dizionatore, an online dictionary, which employs automatic accent recognition. When you enter the word mammone in Italian, you will be shown a list of options, and you can choose which one you prefer.

Mammone is a combination of the Italian word mamma (mom) and the augmentative masculine suffix -one (big). It refers to a child or a mother. In Italian, it can also be used to describe a son or adult. Although it is a common word in Italian, it has different meanings in other languages.

Mammone in Italian means “mammal.” The word means “mammal”. The word means “mammal.” It is a male animal, and the word mammone means “mammal”. It is also a sexy word and is often used in conjunction with the word mammaria.


Mammone is the plural form of mamma (mother) and the augmentative masculine suffix -one (big). This term is used to refer to a mother or child. However, it can also be used to describe a good-for-nothing son. In Italian, mammones are often seen as lazy and overbearing mothers.

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