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Among the many credentials attributed to medghyne calong, there are few other credentials that are as impressive. This certified human resources professional also holds certifications as a family law mediator, an arbitrator, and notary public. Read on to learn more about these credentials. This article will also briefly describe her professional training. Here are some of her credentials:

Medghyne calonge is a certified human resources professional

After six months as the head of human resources for an online accounting firm, Medghyne Calonge was fired for not performing basic job duties. Her bosses alleged that she sparked a workplace argument and inappropriately locked out a colleague. Co-workers said they witnessed Calonge repeatedly hitting the delete key on her computer. In addition, she logged into her applicant tracking system and deleted records, violating the company’s policies.

A certified human resources professional, Medghyne Calonge is well versed in the many facets of human resources. She earned a B.A. from the University of South Florida and a MBA from Saint Leo University. Her background includes working in the nutrition industry, leading dance fitness classes, and volunteering for various nonprofit organizations. Her personal interests include running, reading, and traveling.

she is a certified family law mediator

A certified Florida mediator, arbitration, and paralegal, Brings a blend of education and experience to her work. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, a Master of Business Administration, and a certificate in human resources. She is currently the CEO of Judicial Legal Services LLC. Besides being a certified family law mediator, she also enjoys traveling and leading dance fitness classes. In addition, she has a passion for helping others in need.

As a human resources manager, she is well-versed in the ins and outs of human resources. She has taught Zumba classes since 2006 and is a certified wellness coach and distributor for Herbal Life Nutrition. Her holistic approach to health is reflected in her volunteer work with nonprofits and charities. Her background has made her an ideal candidate for a family law mediation role.

she is a certified arbitrator

Certified as a Florida Mediator and Human Resources Manager, Has a background in law, human resources, and family mediation. She graduated from Tampa Catholic High School and earned her B.A. from Saint Leo University. She also holds an MBA from Northwestern Law. She is a passionate advocate of social responsibility, and has signed the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

In January 2019, Calonge joined 1-800Accountant as the head of human resources for its St. Petersburg office. However, after only six months, her dismissal came after a staff dispute about her inability to perform basic tasks. In the aftermath of an argument, she downgraded a colleague’s access to the computer system. She also logged into the applicant tracking system multiple times and deleted records for two days.

she is a notary public

As the CEO and Founder of Judicial Legal Services, LLC, Has a diverse background in law, business, and education. She is a certified Paralegal, Human Resources Professional, and Motivational Speaker. Her professional background is varied and she is eager to share her experiences with those seeking a legal career. We asked Medghyne about her accomplishments and how she stays on top of her game.

In addition to being a notary public, Calonge is a certified Florida mediator, arbitrator, and paralegal. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, and a Master’s in Business Administration and Human Resources. Besides law, Calonge is a certified Zumba instructor, who has also held leadership positions with Avon and Herbal Life Nutrition. She believes in holistic health and volunteers for various nonprofits.

she is a paralegal

In addition to practicing law as a paralegal, Also serves as a human resources manager. She is knowledgeable about various aspects of human resources, such as hiring and training employees. Medghyne Calonge is a graduate of Tampa Catholic High School and the University of South Florida. She also holds a Master of Business Administration in Human Resources and is currently working towards a Juris Doctor degree at Northwestern University.

The charges against Calonge stem from an incident last year when she was working for an online professional services provider as the head of human resources. While at her former position, she allegedly accessed and destroyed the company’s computers, deleting hundreds of thousands of records. The company later found that she had deliberately downgraded the access of a former employee, which was an attempt to retaliate against the person.

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