Weelo Raised US$6 Million in Seed Funding

Weelo has raised six-figure US dollar seed funding for its mission to digitally transform the supply chain of MSMEs. The company has designed affordable SaaS tech solutions for MSMEs that help manage the entire sales cycle using AI-powered analytics. The company also offers a comprehensive criminal record database. This data is analyzed through millions of points to help identify criminals. Ultimately, its goal is to connect MSMEs with the right suppliers to grow their businesses.

Weelo is an online platform that connects users to the nearest supermarket

Based in Egypt, Weelo is an online platform that brings together users and their nearest supermarket. The startup has signed agreements with 20 major chain hypermarkets, and has gained traction among consumers and business owners. It also earned a spot on the iTunes App Store’s “New Apps We Love” category. Currently, Weelo serves 70% of the cities in Egypt, including Cairo and Hurghada. The company reports a 75% customer retention rate.

Founded in 2017, Weelo is an online shopping platform that allows users to find and order groceries online. The service also offers delivery. After graduating from the TIEC accelerator program, Weelo expanded to other cities, including Heliopolis, Hurghada, New Cairo, and 6th of October City. It’s a fast-growing startup in Egypt, but its biggest challenge remains gaining trust in the market and converting traditional supermarkets to the new system.

It offers affordable SaaS-based tech solutions for micro, small, and medium enterprises

Weelo is a cloud-based B2B software solution provider that empowers micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) across Egypt and the MENA region. With a six-figure seed funding round led by Integral Capital and SkaleUp Ventures, the company will be able to scale its operations across Jordan, KSA, and North Africa.

Weelo’s SaaS platform is a proven leader in AI/ML-powered supply chain management. SMEs can quickly access its robust suite of tools, including real-time order management, warehouse audit, and discount management. Other features include predictive analytics, route and journey planning, digital collaterals, and warehouse management. Its SaaS enterprise model allows it to be tailored to meet the needs of the micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise.

Healthcare organizations are particularly well-positioned to benefit from SaaS. In fact, a Spok survey showed that 63% of hospitals use several SaaS applications. Healthcare organizations should be especially on the lookout for micro-SaaS. With the adoption of AI-enabled technology, healthcare organizations can meet the most challenging challenges and reap the benefits of cloud-based healthcare software.

It analyzes millions of data points

To make decisions based on this information, Weelo’s algorithm uses data from millions of users worldwide. By analyzing the data, the HelloFresh team is able to pinpoint spikes in the number of requests for fish-based recipes and identify correlated attributes, such as living in the northeastern United States and being female. The team also has a deep understanding of what customers like in a restaurant, which helps them optimize their food offerings and make informed decisions.

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