Why DeskFlex is the Best Space Management Software for Your Business

The typical office space contains plenty of furniture, from the usual cubicles and desks to filing cabinets and conference tables. And while having more furniture isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can become problematic when too much furniture results in a cluttered office. A solution to this problem is, an innovative piece of software that helps you maximize your office space and organize your equipment in creative ways. Read on to learn more about what makes DeskFlex the best space management software for your business!

The Problem

Spending hours each day at work can feel like a prison sentence. It’s common to feel trapped in an office while wanting to do things outside. We know because we hear it all too often when we speak with customers about how their company struggles with managing physical and virtual space and individuals spend more time collaborating remotely than face-to-face. Enter: DeskFlex software, which offers solutions to help your employees focus on working smarter not harder in a place that supports productivity so you can focus on growing your business.

The Solution

DeskFlex is a system that allows you to create rooms in your office and assign areas to employees. It’s like an advanced version of a workstation, with features like security codes, sensor alerts, and administrative privileges. The software even helps you understand how much space each person needs by calculating how many square feet are taken up by a desk and storing it on their profile. Ultimately, if you want to save money by buying less furniture or simply want your business to be organized in one intuitive app, DeskFlex should be at the top of your list.

How it works

DeskFlex helps you manage all of your office space in a matter of minutes by allowing you to assign desks, chairs, tables, and storage items in real time. So no more digging through your storage closet trying to find enough desks for everyone who needs one. And not only does it help you keep track of what furniture you have on hand, but also helps with knowing how much extra space or items need purchasing. This way, you’ll never again have that awkward moment when a coworker has no place to sit because there are no open seats at the table. 

DeskFlex integrates with an array of sales software such as QuickBooks and CRM including Salesforce®!

The features

The best thing about this space management software is that it gets to know your business and adjusts to suit your needs. With its customizable dashboard, you can monitor your current space usage and costs in a quick, friendly interface. The dashboard also notifies you of impending issues, such as when your lease will expire or when inventory will run out. One of my favorite features was how the integration works with our accounting system, so we were able to enter billable hours right from the app! I also loved the fact that I could use any image I wanted on my screen – nothing feels better than being greeted by your company logo every time you start up the app. 

We’ve been using DeskFlex for only six months now, but already it’s made a huge difference. We’re saving money and time without having to sacrifice any of our professional services!

Ways to integrate it into your business workflow

First, let’s talk about space. How much space do you have? Where will it be stored? What do you need in terms of floor space, headroom, and power requirements? There are so many factors to consider when coming up with your workspace plan. And once you’re there, should desks be free-standing or fixed to the wall? Do they need built-in drawers? DeskFlex understands this complexity and offers solutions to simplify the process. This includes computerized touch screens that can calculate optimal spacing based on your specific needs. The second way our software helps make planning easier is through storage management.

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