Army HRC Portal

The Army HRC portal is a resource for the Army. This site provides access to the army’s benefits and personnel information. To access the Army Hrc Portal, you’ll need to create a username and password. Be sure to turn off CAPS LOCK before you enter the password. Then, click on “Login.” Note: You cannot access this site through a VPN, so make sure you have a secure connection when signing in.

Signing up for an army hrc portal

The Army Human Resources Command (HRC) portal provides Soldiers access to their personnel records and is a web-based collection of applications and tools. It was created to assist Soldiers, Human Resource Personnel, and other stakeholders manage their personnel and HR data. In order to access the portal, a Soldier must have a Common Access Card and a High Security (128-bit encryption) Internet connection.

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Signing in to milConnect

The milConnect army hrc portal is a website that offers services for military members and their dependents. It is vailable around the clock and can be accessed by anyone with an account. Users can sign in using one of several sign-in methods including the common access card, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, or DoD Self-Service. These options require the user to have a username and password.

To register, the user will first need to provide PII data, which is required by milSuite. This will allow the platform to display the information from the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. The user can also add pictures, videos, and other personal information to their profile.

Viewing your own record in iPERMS

iPERMS enables soldiers to view their own records. To view this, soldiers should log in to their iPERMS account and follow the steps that are listed below. If they encounter an error, they should contact the Records Maintenance and Update Team. Soldiers can also view their own records online by visiting the Army HRC website.

Soldiers can view their own record by selecting ‘Soldier’ from the drop-down menu. However, they cannot view other Soldiers’ records. The Record Manager must sit with the Soldier at the same desk to review the record. In order to perform a record review, the Soldier must upload all relevant documents in iPERMS.

Soldiers must follow the rules for uploading documents into the Army’s iPERMS system. They must not use multiple Social Security Numbers or DODIDs on the same document. In addition, Soldiers should blackout any PII from third-party sources. This prevents the information from being used inappropriately and released without consent.

Downloading reports

Army HRC portal allows users to view and download reports for an organization. The site also allows users to search and query records. However, users should be aware that there are certain restrictions when downloading reports. For example, the manager cannot sign a Personnel Records Review if the Soldier is Not Available. In this case, the manager must write an explanation for the reason for this in the explanation box.

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