What shows has Hassie Harrison been on?

Hassie Harrison is an American actress who was born in Dallas. She has acted in a number of films including Yellowstone, Tacoma FD, and The Iron Orchard. She has also been an award-winning TV host. Her work has garnered her an impressive fan base and has earned her a spot on the Golden Globes’ list of the best actresses.

‘Tamoca FD’

Hassie Harrison was born in Dallas, Texas and is an American actress. Her credits include The Iron Orchard, Yellowstone, and Tacoma FD. She is currently an active member of the acting community, working on several projects at the same time. In her spare time, Harrison enjoys writing, playing, and singing.

Harrison has made an impact on television audiences with her character Lucy McConky on the show “Tacoma FD.” She has also starred in five episodes of “Yellowstone.” She has gained a lot of recognition in the television industry, thanks to her portrayal of a firefighter.

Harrison’s role on Tacoma FD marked her first big break, though she’s already done numerous supporting and guest roles. Her current role is that of the main character Lucy McConky, a rookie firefighter. Previously, Harrison has appeared on several TV shows, including Hart of Dixie (The CW), The Astronaut Wives Club (ABC), and Chunk & Bean (TruTV). She has also appeared in Fat Camp, The Iron Orchard, and Dementia.


Hassie Harrison is an American actress who was born in Dallas, Texas. She has appeared in various TV shows and movies such as Tacoma FD, The Iron Orchard, and Yellowstone. Her acting talent has helped her earn several awards and nominations. Harrison’s acting style is very unique, making her stand out from other actors in the industry. She is known for her versatile roles, which are often unpredictable.

Harrison is an actress who plays the role of Laramie in the hit neo-Western Yellowstone. Also known for her role in the truTV comedy series, “Tacoma FD.” The show has become a critical and fan favorite.

The actress opened up about her memorable moments from the previous season and the new location for the show. She also revealed that the new location did not provide many fun activities for the cast. She and her colleagues, however, bonded over bonfires and shared their memories of the previous season. The actors of “Yellowstone” are currently filming the new season in Montana.


Hassie Harrison is an American actress who was born in Dallas, Texas. She has appeared in films such as Yellowstone, Tacoma FD, and The Iron Orchard. She has received multiple awards for her performances in these films. Her latest movie, Southbound, will be released this year.

Harrison plays the role of Jem in Southbound. The film’s story centers on a college student who is obsessed with football. Also the mother of a high school student named Jem, who is a troubled teen. Harrison is also a fan of television, having starred in the comedy show The Good Place and the cult classic Get Out.

Southbound is a well-crafted anthology, with strong cinematography and a production designer who creates atmospheric, thematically-related settings. Southbound also boasts an excellent soundtrack by The Gifted, which adds to its eerie tone. Each entry is a different experience, but each one is connected to each other through fluid transitions and insinuating narration.

‘The Iron Orchard’

The Iron Orchard is a 2018 American historical drama film written and co-produced by Ty Roberts. It was first screened at the Dallas International Film Festival on May 5, 2018 and then was released in limited release in the United States on February 22, 2019. The film is based on the 1966 novel of the same name by Tom Pendleton.

This film has a strong cast, including Donny Boaz as a Johnny Come-lately investor and Allan McLeod as a meek geologist. As an older oil worker, Lew Temple plays Ort Cooley, a hard-core worker who works long hours during the day and drinks harder at night. It’s a feast for the senses, and a distinctly American tale.

This film has some surprisingly good A-list production values, but failed to make a splash at the box office. It tells the story of a scrappy kid who makes his fortune in oil fields in West Texas in the mid-20th century. The story is incredibly believable and is a must-see for fans of sweeping melodramas.

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