Countdowns For Mudae бот – Commands You Can Use to Get the Most Out of Your Game

In order to join Mudae бот, you will need to sign up for a Discord server. Once you have done this, you will be able to chat with other players and join chat rooms. Using the Discord service is simple, but you will need to know what commands you can use to get the best out of your game.


Countdowns for Mudae is an RPG game that can help you to complete quests and fulfill goals. The game has several mini-games to help you pass time. The first one lets you choose from 15 waifus based on their popularity or points. Once you have decided which character to use, you can start fulfilling quests and earning cards.

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The second feature is that Mudae bot will wait until the nedkylning is clear before rulling. This feature is perfect for players who are fond of manga, anime or videospel. The bot is easy to use and has simple commands.


If you’re not familiar with Mudae, it’s a game in which you type in commands to predict what will happen next. There are over 65,000 characters you can marry in Mudae, and the best way to get the best harem possible is to level up your character’s key. A higher key level means more options for customization.

Mudae bot is one of the most popular bots on discord. It has over 50000 characters from different anime and video games. It also has descriptions and stats for every character. This makes it a great tool for anyone who loves manga, anime, or video games.


If you’re new to the world of Mudae, there are several commands that you can use to make life easier for yourself. Mudae is a bot that uses commands related to anime and video games. It has been developed by Saya Akdepskal, who regularly updates its database. It currently has over 65,000 waifus and husbandos.

One of the most basic commands is $husbandos ($hg), which helps you roll a random male character. You can also use $marry ($m) to roll a random character from any video game. The first two commands will let you roll for 10 characters, one for each gender.

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Kakera Badges can be very useful for long-term players, as they give additional wish slots and make farming easier. It’s also nice to have Sapphire Badges, which give you four extra rolls.

Premium version

Premium version of Mudae includes some additional features that come with a price. For example, it allows you to make more rolls for other users on your server. You can also add more wishes to your wishlist. The Premium version also has more options for modifying the game. Some of these options include modifying the number of characters you can roll, changing the default game mode, changing the number of character slots and changing the spawn rarity.

The Premium version of Mudae also allows you to create and join multiple servers. When you first start using Mudae, you’ll be asked to authorize some permissions. Be careful when authorizing these permissions. Once you’ve approved the permissions, you can use Mudae to join different servers.

Time up command

The Mudae bot has several useful commands. It can automatically display waifus and husbandos in chat rooms. These commands can be activated by giving the bot certain permissions. These permissions include the ability to use external emojis and embed links. There are also commands for deleting messages automatically. These include the $say command and the $wishd command. You can also use the slash command.

Mudae has several useful commands that can help you make the game better. The $tu command allows you to see all the things you can do with your Mudae bot, such as how many gacha rolls you can make, how many characters you can own and what their cooldown times are. It also allows you to rename characters.

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