Do you know Sherri Kramer?

Sherri Kramer is an American screenwriter, author, marriage & family therapist, and divorced ex-wife of comedian Bob Saget. She has a huge following among the public, and is a popular personality because of her work. In every role she has taken, she has performed brilliantly. We’ll look at a few of the more interesting facts about Kramer. Also, find out what makes her so successful.

Sherri Kramer is an American screenwriter

Sherri Kramer is an American screenwriter, and ex-celebrity spouse. Her work can be seen in television shows like How I Met Your Mother and Dirty Work. She has also written a book titled Dirty Daddy. Kramer was born in 1956. Her parents are unknown to the public. She attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School and subsequently became a screenwriter.

Born on August 8, 1956, Sherri Kramer is an American screenwriter. Her writing career started after she got married to American television personality Bob Saget. Although they are no longer married, Sherri Kramer is still incredibly popular. Sherri Kramer was born under the zodiac sign of Leo and is an American citizen. Her marriage with Saget landed her a spot on the Hollywood movie circuit.

She is an author

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She is a marriage & family therapist

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She is a divorced ex-wife of comedian Bob Saget

Sherri Kramer is a divorced ex-wife of the late comedian Bob Saget. Sherri Kramer was born on August 8, 1956, and has a Leo horoscope. Her occupation as a marriage and family therapist was inactive for years. Her education includes Abington Senior High School, the University of Pennsylvania, and the New York University School of Law. In 1981, she became licensed to practice law in California.

She is the second child of the late comedian and Sherri Kramer. Saget married Kramer in 1982, and the couple was married for 15 years. The couple has three daughters: Aubrey (born in 1987), Lara (born in 1989), and Jennifer (born in 1992). The couple divorced in 1997, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple has since remained friends and are now active on social media.

She has a law license

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