Surfing Wetsuits Available at Surfing Wetsuit Stores in New Zealand

You’ll find a variety of options at surfing wetsuits nz. Some of the most popular wetsuits are the Bahia 3/2, Sarvo 3x2mm, and Hurley’s Advantage Plus. Then you’ll need to decide on the thickness of your suit. In the case of a 3/2mm suit, you can surf in the deep south, but it would be too thin for the far north.

Bahia 3/2

O’Neill’s women’s Bahia series combines supreme function and chic styling. This suit is designed for women who want to look good in the water while pursuing their favorite sport. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, the Bahia women’s wetsuit offers strategic seamless paddle zones and ultra stretch UltraFlex construction. Women can also choose from a selection of styles that include the Reactor surfing wetsuits nz.

Designed for women, the O’Neill Women’s Bahia 3/2 back zip wetsuit is made with UltraFlex DS material. This wetsuit features a single fluid seam weld, Ykk back-zip system, stretchy, comfortable and breathable material. It has many hidden features, including a super seal collar, booty cut, seamless shoulders and an anti-flush barrier panel.

Sarvo 3x2mm

The Flatrock Sarvo Series 3x2mm Steamer features an ezy-glide chest zip that makes entering and exiting the suit a breeze. The Sarvo’s 18 hand-cut panels of Japanese limestone neoprene deliver a super-comfortable fit. The lining is a soft navy blue to make paddling a breeze. This suit comes with a lifetime warranty and free repair or replacement of any defective materials.

The steamer wetsuit is another popular option for beginners and experienced surfers alike. This style offers extreme warmth and flexibility, but is slightly less flexible. Regardless of your personal preference, a steamer is an excellent choice for warmer waters and is one of the most versatile surfing wetsuits on the market. It is also ideal for paddling, due to its short arms and excellent flex.

Hurley’s Advantage Plus

The latest advancement in the design of Hurley wetsuits is the Advantage Plus 3/2mm Fullsuit, designed to provide warmth and flexibility in the cooler morning surf. The newly updated construction uses strategically placed seams, a new insulating lining and a new ExoFlex material that is stretchy and lightweight. With its high-quality construction, the Advantage Plus is the most durable and comfortable wetsuit Hurley has ever made.

In terms of performance, Hurley wetsuits are among the best in the market. Their Advantage Plus 5/3mm wetsuit is packed with world-class materials and technology that rival any other brand on the market. This wetsuit also boasts of some ground-breaking ECO credentials. It’s a great winter suit, too, thanks to its low-weight design. And if you’re not a serious surfer, don’t worry, the Advantage Plus 5/3mm is perfect for those late-October and early-May sessions.

Rip Curl

The Rip Curl brand is renowned for producing the finest surfing wetsuits available on the market. It has been developing wetsuits since 1976, and has advanced from super stretch Elastomax wetsuits to the most flexible and lightweight material available today: E4. In addition to being comfortable, Rip Curl wetsuits have a Flash Bomb thermal lining that acts like thermal underwear and keeps the wearer warm in colder temperatures. The Rip Curl wetsuit is tested and approved by the world’s best surfers and has received numerous awards from surf magazines and surfing clubs.

The E-BOMB wetsuit has been one of the most popular surfing wetsuits nz in the world. Made from 100% E2 Superstretch neoprene, it’s the most flexible surf wetsuit available. The E-BOMB offers ultimate flexibility and warmth, and features an endless number of features, including a polypro lining and a waterproof-repellent lining made from Elastomax 2.


For years, finisterre has been developing high-quality wetsuits and other technical surf wear, with a particular focus on British hard surfers. Their mission is to create technical surf wear with a functional design ethos, and their suits are renowned for their comfort and durability. Recently, Finisterre launched a 3mm Yulex wetsuit for men. This material offers a convincing replacement for normal rubber.

The company’s wetsuits feature a custom neck entry system for increased comfort and reduce flushing. Finisterre’s range of wetsuits is currently available in 5mm and 10mm without hoods, making it suitable for four to ten degrees Celsius and nine to fourteen degrees C. The company is collaborating with Exeter University on further research into the wetsuits’ performance in varying water temperatures.

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