Kowtowed Crossword Answer

kowtowed crossword clue

Have you been trying to find the solution to the Kowtowed crossword puzzle but haven’t found the answer yet? Read on for some solutions to this popular crossword puzzle. This is a classic US puzzle game that published in the NYT Magazine for more than a century. The crossword puzzle is publish each day and includes all the answers for the clue. It’s a great game to play on any given day and it’s always interesting to see what new twists the clues take on.

Kowtowed (to) crossword clue

The Kowtowed (to) crossword puzzle clue last seen on the New York Times Crossword puzzle on August 20 2021. If you’re stuck by this crossword clue, then you can find the solution right here! Just scroll down and you’ll find the solution to this clue, along with other similar clues. Also, check out the number of letters in the crossword clue to make sure it’s the right one!

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The term kowtowing, which is a synonym for “servile deference”, comes from the Chinese word k’o-t’ou. It involves kneeling down and touching one’s forehead to the floor, literally meaning “knocking the head.” The term popularized in the 1931 stage play, Oklahoma!, which the first musical written by the legendary duo. This crossword puzzle also features other interesting words and phrases related to kowtowing.

Kowtowed (to) crossword clue answers

Are you looking for the solution to Kowtowed (to) crossword puzzle? You can find the solution in the New York Times Crossword August 20 2021 Answers. This crossword puzzle is available seven days a week. To play this crossword puzzle, you can log on to the crossword website or use the printed paper to play the puzzle. The solution to kowtowed (to) is to ‘lend’.

There are 2 possible solutions to the crossword clue “Kowtowed“. You will search the database for the clue’s answer by using the letters that have already found in the puzzle. If you can’t find the answer, try looking for related clues. This way, you can eliminate the ones that aren’t related to the crossword clue. You can also use the dictionary to look up words that begin with the letter “k” in the crossword.

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